Finger Gloves™ are created by entrepreneur Carmel Woods Stover, who liked to be able to keep her hands REUASABLE FINGER GLOVES™ By Carmel and Savona free while creating, yet needed Tough, Durable, Reusable, Comfortable and Cost-Effective finger only coverage that was made to be as versatile as each unique customer wearing them!  Carmel tried all the thick rubber finger tips and thin rolled finger cots one can purchase from Office Supply, Craft and Drug Stores, and soon discovered that if she wanted versatile and reusable form fitting finger only coverage, it was time to create it herself ~ and so the adventure began {and we're so thrilled it did}!


The Finger Gloves™ are a Heavy-Duty, Reusable *100% Natural latex rubber that are six times stronger than standard latex gloves or tissue thin disposable finger cots.  Our Finger Gloves™ were made to be Re-usable, Durable and Machine Washable! However, even with the Finger Gloves™ superb strength and durability, it was very important to Carmel that they were not only tough, but comfortable to wear! This is why the Finger Gloves™ were designed to conform to any finger like a naturally soft and flexible Second Skin that may be trimmed to any preferred length to compliment the diversity of each customers needs.


And because of their form fitting design, coupled with the superb gripping of the Natural Rubber, you will find that your dexterity is actually enhanced!  In fact, we've had many individuals pick up items they weren't able to pick up with their bare fingers! And when you prefer a completely smooth surface, simply turn the Finger Glove™ inside out.


 Trim to any desired length & STILL fits like a 2nd Skin!

And lastly, we think one of the best attributes is that you can trim the Finger Gloves™ to any preferred length making them completely customizable. Need something just on the tips of your fingers (for quilting, paper handling, etc.) or just over the top of your middle finger joint? Simply trim to your preferred length and the Finger Gloves™ will still fit like a second skin and are, as always, completely reusable.


In all honesty, we could go on and on about our Finger Gloves™... but we have been so fortunate to have the most amazing customers who have been so generous to share their great Finger Gloves™ experiences with us, and hopefully with you! You can read more about the versatile uses they have discovered on our Customer Comments page.


We also have additional resource pages including FAQ's and Qualities & Capabilities. Plus our favorite (and hopefully yours as well), Purchase & Pricing page.  We think it holds a Win/Win outcome for us all! And Most Importantly ~ Thank you! We are in such appreciation for you and would consider ourselves so fortunate to be able to count you as a customer!

Please Contact Us should you need anything further.


With Our Deepest Appreciation, Carmel and Savona

{ Finger Gloves™ Creator and Co-Founder }


*COLOR ~ For viewing, the Finger Gloves™ have been lightened in the pictures so that you can actually see them.

In reality they are a nearly invisible 'neutral' color that will blend with your natural skin color almost seamlessly.


You will love the absolute versatility of our Finger Gloves™.  Here are simply a few uses...

 Say good-bye to stained fingers forever!


   No more painful Hot Glue burns!
 Dried Glue peels off effortlessly.    PERFECT Caulking Glove™!
 Smooths over splintered wood
 effortlessly! Excellent for all
 your Home Improvement needs!



"These Finger Gloves™ are just

what I needed. I put them to hard use and I'm happy to report no cuts or splits on my fingers. I love them. I find my dexterity is actually enhanced when using Finger Gloves™. I am so impressed with the durability of these things. I'm not sure I will wear them out. I'm just so happy to have found your product. Thank you again." Sincerely, Brenda W.


HONORS & RECOGNITION so kindly bestowed the

Finger Gloves™ by independent product reviews.


Customer Comments and Testimonial's

surrounding our Finger Gloves™.


What's the differences between Finger Gloves™,

Finger Cots & Rubber Finger Cones? LOTS!


*Finger Gloves™ contain natural latex rubber which may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals.


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