It is with much joy, that we proudly share the following Finger Glove™ qualities.


*COLOR ~ The Finger Gloves™ in our web-home pictures have been lightened so that you can actually see them.

In reality they are a nearly invisible 'neutral' color that will blend with your natural skin color almost seamlessly. Thanks!

*For great picture examples of the Finger Gloves™ trimmed and untrimmed on fingers click here for our Home Page.


100% Natural Latex Rubber: A Natural solution that offers a soft, supple, "second skin" quality that conforms to any chosen finger for hours of comfort.


 Reusability = cost effectiveness & quality.


 Durable and Strong: Allows consumer to work on jagged, worn or splintered surfaces without hesitation.


Fits like a second skin with superb dexterity: Dexterity is actually improved significantly. In fact, when trimming the rim you might even forget you have them on!


Anti-slip nubs on Finger Glove™ tip provides superior gripping capabilities, in addition to providing a textured finish when desired. Finger Gloves™ may also be turned inside out providing a smooth working surface.


Easy clean up: Finger Gloves™ are rugged enough to be washed in a washing machine or effortlessly hand wash with soap and water.

 FINGER GLOVES™ are Heavy-Duty,
 Reusable & fit like a comfortable 2nd Skin!


 Trim shorter if you desire fingertip only coverage. Personal Customization: Finger Gloves™ may be trimmed to any chosen length, thus providing personalized comfort without compromising the distinctive integrity of the product.

Moisturize Dry, Cracked Fingertips: For an effective way to moisturize painfully cracked fingertips, simply apply Vitamin E, ointment or moisturizing lotion to your fingertips prior to putting on the Finger Gloves™. For intense moisturizing of eczema or psoriasis, trim the rims off of the Finger Gloves™ and wear with moisturizer while you sleep!


Dexterity, Pliability, Agility and Flexibility: can be utilized during virtually

any circumstance.  A contingency where rigid inflexible tools awkwardly struggle.


 PERFECT Caulking Glove™!
 Smooths over splintered wood
 effortlessly! Excellent for all
 your Home Improvement needs!  No more painful Hot Glue burns!
 Dried Glue peels off effortlessly. Non-absorption properties: Dried Hot Glue effortlessly peels off the Finger Glove™. Caulking or the chosen product will not encrust or cake-up. This equals less product waste and a clean undisturbed finish.


12 months of longevity: when stored away from direct sunlight and heat.


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