What are the differences between our Finger Gloves™ and the rolled, thin "finger cots", "finger caps" and "rubber finger cones"

available in Office, Craft and Drug Stores? Well, we must admit, these questions are the type we are so very eager to answer!


*COLOR ~ The Finger Gloves™ in our web-home pictures have been lightened so that you can actually see them.

In reality they are a nearly invisible 'neutral' color that will blend with your natural skin color almost seamlessly. Thanks!

*For great picture examples of the Finger Gloves™ trimmed and untrimmed on fingers click here for our Home Page.




Finger Cot

Heavy - Duty *  
Re-usable *  
Tear Resistant *  
Machine Washable *  
Hot & Cold Tolerant *  

Trim to any chosen length for Personal Customization

Conforms to finger like a second skin *  
Excellent Dexterity while handling the smallest of objects *  
Anti-Slip Nubs *  
Non-Tear Properties *  




Finger Cones

Conforms to finger like a comfortable second skin *  
Bulk-Free *  
Excellent Dexterity while handling the smallest objects *  
Covers 75% of the finger *  
All encompassing coverage *  
No Holes for substances to seep through and contact finger *  
Trim to any chosen length for Personal Customization *  
Will not twist or fall off finger during inopportune moments *  

Sweat will not pool in the bottom of glove




 Trim to any desired length & STILL fits like a 2nd Skin! "Finger Cots" and "Finger Cones" are in and of themselves good products

for what it is they are trying to accomplish. Finger Cots are a tissue thin latex used keep moisture and dirt out of cuts, scrapes or stitches, as well as for inserting suppositories or applying hemorrhoid cream and medications to open wounds.


A Finger Cot (a.k.a. Finger Cap), is not meant to be, or made to be, heavy-duty,

tear resistant, reusable or tolerant to either hot or cold substances. In addition, Finger Cots, Finger Caps and Finger Cones can not be trimmed to a customized length...  whereas our Finger Gloves™ champion all of these qualities and more.

• Finger Gloves™ are six (6) to eight (8) times thicker than a drug store "finger cot" yet are completely soft and flexible and conform beautifully to the finger! They are a heavy-duty, durable 100% Natural Latex Rubber equaling a reusable cost-effective solution. Their heat tolerant capabilities means freeing yourself from Hot Glue burns forever... it's true! Finger Gloves™ may also be trimmed to any preferred length, allowing for personal customization, with the small rubber nubs on the Finger Glove™ tip providing for excellent dexterity and gripping. Need a smooth surface? Simply turn inside out and the Finger Glove™ is perfect for caulking or smoothing of any kind.

"Finger Cones," also known as "Rubber Finger Tips," are made of rubber and cover

just the "tips" of the finger, while our Finger Gloves™ cover 75% of the finger.

"Finger Cones" and "Rubber Finger Tips" are boxed in up to five different and separate

sizes, thus requiring an individual to buy a specific box for each finger size variation. In contrast,

a Finger Glove™ completely conforms to and snugly envelopes each individual finger like a

second skin. Hence, there is no risk of the Finger Glove™ falling off at an inopportune moment.

"Finger Cones" and "Rubber Finger Tips" are made with vent holes, where hot or cold

substances can seep through and make contact with the actual finger.

Our Finger Gloves™ provide complete all-inclusive, all-encompassing coverage.



"For many years I used finger cots, but was thrilled to discover the much more durable Finger Gloves™. They're great!" Jane L.

Professional polymer clay bead-maker, Tina R. ~ "I just LOVE my Finger Gloves™. In finishing my beads, I need to smooth them and leave no fingerprints. They cut my work time for smoothing the seams in half! I've tried finger cots, but they don't fit well, they tear, and they can't be cleaned easily. And I don't have to worry about smudging the colors like I do with finger cots. Thank you."


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