INTERNATIONAL GUILD OF GLASS ARTISTS®, INC.  Reviewed in I.G.G.A.'s "Common Ground: Glass". Quick quip: "You can easily forget you still have the Finger Gloves™ on when you've finished working. They also are great aids in covering small cuts on fingertips while continuing to work with glass and lead."  Winter, 2004 Issue.  


"I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with my Finger Gloves™! For the first time, I just worked for an extended period today with glass using my new Finger Gloves™. Not only are they extremely comfortable, I was thrilled by how quickly and more efficiently I can work now. Not to mention the fact that I'm not getting little "micro-slices" in my fingertips every few minutes! This product will add so much freedom to my workflow; I can spend more mental energy on the creative process rather than making sure I'm being careful with the edges of the glass! I plan to tell as many folks as possible about Finger Gloves™!!! Thanks again," Jill W.

"I received my Finger Gloves™ and used them for the first time today... WOW  am I impressed.  I do stained glass and when I use the grinder my nails tend to soften and split, then when I do finish, I need to apply cream extensively to my finger tips.  Today I even forgot that I had anything on my fingers the fit is soooo fine and my nails remained in good condition.  Thanks for

your product.  I will tell everyone I know." Arleen B.

"I used my new Finger Gloves™ for the first time this past weekend when I was cutting stained glass for mosaics.  It was the first time that I finished the task without my fingers hurting from having small cuts or glass splinters in them.

Thanks for a great product." David Chidgey


"I received my Finger Gloves™ on Friday. I was able to try them over the weekend and was just thrilled with them. No more cut finger tips from my grinding stained glass. They also are comfortable for cutting, so I don’t have to take them off in between cutting and grinding. I was also at my stained glass dealer over the weekend and took the Finger Gloves™ down

to show them.  I was really impressed, so hopefully this will get more people in my hobby ordering them." Deana H.

A magnificent Stained Glass Door creation by Jon H. "I have been a satisfied user of your Finger Gloves™. I make stained glass as a hobby and my fingers really take a beating when I do not use your product. I tried using rubber / plastic gloves, but my hands sweat so much they are uncomfortable and they tear easily. Your Finger Gloves™ solve both problems for me."  Sincerely, Jon H.

"I work with stain glass and also do a lot of work with yarn. I have dry skin and always get cuts on my thumbs and around my fingernails. Moreover, working with yarn while knitting and crocheting further dries out my fingers. It is almost impossible to keep a Band-Aid on when working with stain glass, but you don’t want any lead to get in any cut. Since I have used the Finger Gloves™, my cuts have really healed as I can now keep salve and Band-Aid’s on my thumbs and fingers while crafting. The Finger Gloves™ really are great!"  Virginia S.

Luxurious Bead & Jewelry Artist Tina Randolph - "I just LOVE my Finger Gloves™. They cut my work time for smoothing the seams in the polymer clay beads in half! And I don't have to worry about smudging the colors like I do with finger cots. Thank you."


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